Wellness Care

Wellness Care for Pets

At Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital, we know that a healthy pet is a happy pet. That’s why our Wellness Exam is a must-do for your furry family member.

This annual checkup isn’t just a requirement for prescription medications; it’s your pet’s first line of defense against preventable diseases and a cornerstone for their overall well-being.

Our Wellness Exams establish a vital baseline for your pet’s health journey. They give you peace of mind and empower our expert veterinarians to provide the best care possible. Keeping an eye on your pet’s overall health enables us to spot issues early, so your pet can continue to thrive.

What Might a
Wellness Exam Look Like?

  • Nose-to-Tail Inspection: Our expert veterinarians leave no stone unturned as they give your pet a thorough checkup. From those twitchy whiskers to the tip of their wagging tail, we inspect every nook and cranny to ensure your pet is in top shape.

  • Heart and Lung Check: We’ll give those tickers and air sacs a good listen. Healthy hearts and lungs lead to happy, playful pets.

  • Weight and Body Condition Analysis: We’ll weigh in on your pet’s weight and body condition. We’ll discuss nutrition and exercise to help your pet maintain a healthy physique.

  • Oral Health Assessment: A peek into those pearly whites is essential! Dental health is more important than you might think, and we’ll offer advice on keeping those chompers in tip-top condition.

  • Vaccination and Parasite Prevention: We’ll make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and discuss the best parasite prevention options to keep your pet itch-free and smiling.

  • Blood Work: In some cases, we may recommend blood tests to get a deeper look at your pet’s overall health. Don’t worry; we’re here to explain every step of the way.

  • Nutritional Counseling: Curious about the best diet for your pet? We’ve got answers! We’ll discuss dietary recommendations tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

  • Behavioral Check: Notice any unusual habits or quirks? This is the ideal time to talk to us about any changes in behavior so we can help keep your pet’s behavior on the straight and narrow.

Your Questions, Our Answers

We understand that every pet is unique, and so are their needs.

During the Wellness Exam, you have a chance to chat with our caring veterinarians.

Got questions about your pet’s health, diet, behavior, or activity? This is the perfect time to share your concerns, discuss changes, and get the expert guidance you and your pet deserve.

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