Dental Care

Caring for Your Pet’s Dental Health

Much like us humans, our pets are not exempt from dental woes.

Just as we prioritize our oral health, our furry friends also require preventive dental care to keep their pearly whites shining and their mouths healthy. If you notice bad breath, red gums, or the telltale signs of plaque buildup, your pet might already be exhibiting early indicators of dental disease. At Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to help maintain your pet’s dental well-being and keep their smiles radiant.

Our Dental Services

We offer a comprehensive range of dental services to cater to your pet’s unique needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Regular Dental Cleanings: Professional dental cleanings are essential to remove tartar and plaque buildup, which can lead to more severe dental issues. Our skilled team conducts thorough cleanings to leave your pet’s teeth sparkling clean.

  • Extractions When Necessary: In cases where dental disease has progressed, tooth extractions may be required. Rest assured, we prioritize your pet’s comfort during this process and only perform extractions when it’s in their best interest.

  • By Appointment Only: To ensure that each pet receives personalized attention and care, dental procedures are by appointment only. This allows us to dedicate the necessary time and expertise to your pet’s dental health.

  • Preceding Wellness Exam: Your pet’s overall health and well-being are our top priorities. Therefore, we conduct a recent wellness exam before performing any dental procedures. This exam helps us evaluate your pet’s fitness for dental care and address any underlying health concerns.

  • Special Discounts for February: For our valued clients, we offer special discounts on dental services during the month of February. This promotion is our way of showing appreciation for your commitment to your pet’s health and well-being.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Keep your pet’s smile bright!

Remember, proper dental care is essential to maintain your pet’s quality of life.  It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about preserving their comfort, health, and happiness.

So, make an appointment with a veterinarian at Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital to give your pet the gift of a radiant smile and a healthier, more joyful life.

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