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Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital

Experience the Thunderbird difference.

Committed to Providing the Very Best Veterinary Services in Norman, OK

More Than Just Medicine

At Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital, we’re not only experts in treating all your pet’s ailments; we’re dedicated to creating an environment where your pets feel loved, valued, and right at home.

Nestled near Lake Thunderbird, our animal hospital in Norman, Oklahoma, stands as a beacon of compassionate care.

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Our Wide Range Of Services

From head to tail, we’ve got your pet covered.

At Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital, our commitment goes beyond the conventional – we’re not just a veterinary clinic; we’re a comprehensive hub of care designed to meet every need of your pet. From routine wellness check-ups that keep tails wagging to advanced surgical procedures ensuring optimal health, we cover it all. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to provide in-house diagnostics swiftly, ensuring precise and effective treatment plans. We offer services ranging from dental care and microchipping to grooming and MLS Laser Therapy. Whether your companion has feathers, fur, or scales, our dedicated team is here to provide unparalleled care.

You will love our app!

PetDesk enhances our communication with our clients, allowing us to message through the app in addition to SMS and email. Our clients may request appointments, get reminders, and track their pet’s care in one easy-to-use app.

We encourage our clients with smartphones (iOS or Android) to download the app today and take control of your pet’s healthcare and overall wellness.


Heartfelt Healers: Meet Our Compassionate Crew

Our team at Thunderbird Veterinary Hospital is more than a group of skilled professionals; we’re pet lovers, too!

Meet the faces behind the stethoscopes—dedicated individuals with a shared mission to make every wag, purr, chirp, or squeal a happy and healthy one.

From our front desk to the surgery room, each team member brings a unique set of skills united by the common goal of ensuring your pet receives the best care possible. Reach out to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in Norman, OK today!