Senior Pet Care

Caring for Your Senior Pet

As your pet ages, their needs and healthcare requirements change. We understand the unique demands of senior pets and offer specialized care to help them enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

Here’s how we cater to your aging companion.

Tailored Wellness Plans:

Just like humans, senior pets require regular check-ups. Our veterinarians create customized wellness plans that address age-related concerns. These plans often include more frequent visits to monitor your pet’s health and adjust their care as needed.

Arthritis Management:

Arthritis is common in senior pets and can lead to pain and discomfort. We offer treatments, including pain management and joint supplements, to enhance your pet’s mobility and quality of life.

Nutritional Guidance:

Senior pets often have different dietary needs. We provide guidance on choosing the right food and supplements to support your pet’s aging body and maintain a healthy weight.

Dental Care:

Dental health is essential for senior pets. We offer dental cleanings and treatments to prevent dental disease, which can lead to other health issues.

Blood Work and Screening:

Regular blood work and health screenings are vital for detecting age-related diseases early. Our diagnostic services can uncover underlying issues, allowing us to intervene promptly.

Pain Management:

If your senior pet is in pain due to conditions like arthritis, we have various pain management options to improve their comfort.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation:

We’ll discuss appropriate exercise and mental stimulation for your senior pet to keep them active and engaged.

Comfort and Care:

We understand that senior pets may need extra attention and care. Our team provides a compassionate and gentle approach to make your aging pet feel comfortable during their visits.

Hospice and End-of-Life Care:

For pets with serious health conditions, we offer hospice and end-of-life care to ensure your pet’s comfort and dignity during their final days.

We’re committed to helping your senior pet enjoy a comfortable, happy, and healthy life. If you have any concerns about your aging pet’s health or well-being, please reach out to our team. We’re here to support you and your senior companion every step of the way.

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